3 Ways Your Travel Habits Change as You Get Older

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For many people, traveling in their 20s is a lot different than traveling in their 40s. They no longer choose vacation destinations because of the area’s vibrant nightlife and are often less inclined to vacation at theme parks. Read below to learn more about the way your travel habits change over the years, and what you can do to accommodate your ever-changing travel needs and expectations.

Jennifer Quillen in Croatia

Reconsider Your Preferred Type of Accommodations

Hostels are a great way to travel cheaply when you’re young, but once you’re in your 40s or 50s, you may not appreciate the group vibe. Meeting new, interesting people during your travels may have once been a huge priority, but there comes a time when you choose privacy and comfort over cheap, dorm-like rooms. If you still want to travel on a budget, consider renting an Airbnb during your trip. Often, you can rent an entire house or apartment at a decent price.

Another travel-related thing that may change as you get older is your love for your timeshare. Buying a timeshare in a popular vacation destination may have appealed to you at one time, but as your interests and needs change, it could become a huge waste of money. Fortunately, you can legally end your timeshare with a little help. Then, you can use the money you’ve saved to enjoy new, fascinating places.

You Can Pack Lighter

Remember when you used to lug around a full-size suitcase, a carry-on, and a backpack during your vacations? You had to have an outfit with matching shoes for every possible occasion. Then, maybe, a language phrasebook, a couple paperbacks to read and a camcorder. Eventually, you realize that lugging around a bunch of stuff is more trouble than it’s worth. Plus, smaller electronics, locations with free Wi-Fi, and easier access to laundromats mean you don’t need to bring as much with you. Before your next trip, rethink your packing needs. You might be packing more medication and less high-heeled shoes, but chances are, you don’t have to carry as much.

Carry on suitcase

You Choose Different Destinations

By the time you’re in your 40s and 50s, chances are, you’re tired of the party scene. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit cities with amazing bars and clubs, but it does mean you’ll probably visit these places for different reasons. For example, you might visit Miami to admire the city’s beautiful art deco architecture or instead of hitting the clubs in South Beach; in L.A., you might spend your time there shopping, or visiting Grauman’s Chinese Theater. There’s nothing wrong with abandoning the party scene. In fact, you might discover you really enjoy visiting national parks or touring museums in Washington D.C.

Hopefully, you also make more money in your 40s and 50s than you did in your 20s. This opens up your options even more because you might be able to afford to take an African safari or spend the summer touring Europe.

Pilanesberg National Park Safari With Groupon Getaways

If you have kids traveling with you, your vacations may be centered around kid-friendly activities instead of day-long shopping sprees and drinking a Mai Tai on the beach.

Everyone’s needs and interests change as they age, so don’t feel like you can’t take amazing vacations just because you aren’t into the party scene or roller coasters anymore. The world is filled with amazing places that appeal to people of all ages.


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