Why do we write?

When I was a young girl, I first discovered literature, then classic literature…and then at last, poetry. The right poem will change a person’s life. For me, that poem was the Charge of the Light Brigade by Sir Alfred Tennyson. I believe I was in the seventh or eight grade the first time I heard…

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Project 365, Week 8

I can’t find any photos from February 21 through 24. I was able to get a photo from the bachelorette party I attended on February 25, so that will just have to suffice.

Project 365, Week 9

              February 26: pedicure prior to my friend’s rehearsal dinner! February 27: The bride & I while we were getting ready for the wedding. I wish I had thought to ask someone to take a picture of my husband, my daughter and me, but I was so tired by…

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Project 365, Week 6

Still trying to catch up from getting that new phone…scouring my different apps & forums, looking for pictures that I posted during the missing times… Here’s week 6 of my Project 365 for 2011. Enjoy my mediocrity. I swear that I had some interesting things going on in that time frame but with losing my…

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February 2011

A Weekend of Wedding Festivities!

I met Patricia when we were both quite young. She was 12 and I was 17. Obviously, there was a big age gap and we did not become friends. She was literally a giggling school girl. At 17, I considered myself very much the anti-conformist bad ass and I wanted no part of giggling school…

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Project 365, Week 7

My phone finally gave up on me last week and I had to get a new one, so I lost quite a few photos…I am trying to recover what I can through various online posts during that time frame. In the meantime, here is the week 7 in photos!   February 14th: Valentines Day. I…

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My Project 365 Ended Early

I have dropped my iPhone4 about a zillion times. The funny thing about this is that the only damage was a few chips in the glass…the apps worked fine, the internet had no issues and I was able to text like nobody’s business. However…the telephone feature didn’t work so well anymore. I say “telephone feature”…

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