11 Benefits of Video Conferencing

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Web-based solutions now make it easy for companies to improve the way they work. Tools like video conferencing are right on top of the list. With plenty of benefits, you’ll want to integrate this into your communication system as well:

Less travel costs

Your company can certainly save a lot by keeping employee travel to a minimum, Lifewire says. With video conferencing tools, you can reach out to your remote teams every day without the need to head over to the site and spend on plane tickets, accommodations and food. Video conferencing can effectively cut your travel expenses by more than half, giving your company massive cost-savings.

Flexible setups

Reduced employee travel also has other handy side-bennies. Since video technology allows for employees to stay in touch no matter where they are, this has opened the possibility for work from home options. Young parents now have more time to spend at home with their kids.

Easy access

With video conferencing solutions that allow for telecommuting opportunities, teams can work from wherever—whether they’re at home or at their favorite corner café. That means easy access to anyone on the team. As a result, you get things done a lot faster. Have a team member who’s working from home? No need to worry that the meeting won’t push through. With a simple video conference, keeping in touch with offsite teams is easy.

Less stress

Imagine spending hours every day dealing with brutal traffic, rude drivers on the road and the occasional jaywalking pedestrian or two. If you don’t drive to and from work and simply take the metro or bus, you’ll have to deal with fellow commuters and get to work, packed like sardines during rush hours. Video conferencing can eliminate all these, though, reducing the stress employees have to deal with on a daily basis.

Better productivity

By allowing employees to stay home, they get to avoid the stress of everyday commutes. Less to zero commuting stress helps your employees start the day right. That way, they’re always ready to jump into the work instead of being exhausted after a challenging, bumpy and sweaty 2-hour ride on the bus or train. They’ll have more energy to spend on beating those deadlines and thus, are much more productive.

Collaboration across teams

Want your remote teams to start working together? It can be expensive to keep flying all your members to HQ just for a meet-and-greet. With a BlueJeans conference call, though, those meet-and-greets can happen online. With HD video quality, your teams have the tools they need to work together. From reviewing those files together to sending video and other types of content, the Blue Jeans software provides them with whatever they need to get the job done.

Faster decisions

Emails and chats tend to get long. And long threads are often confusing and unwieldy. If you need a decision and you need it now, a video call is ideal. Your team can arrive at a decision much, much faster, Computer Weekly says.

Company-wide interaction

Looking for an effective way to address all your employees. These video solutions are more than capable of addressing the entire company. Need to update everyone one the status and condition of the company? Want to share a milestone or update? Inspired and worked up to share thoughts on the company’s direction and future goals? These are easy enough to do when you have the right video tools and equipment in place.

Engage consumers

Video conferencing doesn’t just work on employees. You can use the technology to improve the way you reach out and stay in touch with your consumers. Unlike emails and chats, video offers face-to-face interaction. That sets it apart from other types of communication modes and has the potential to be much more personal and engaging. If you want to try and position yourself better with your consumers, this is a good option to go for. By using video, you can improve customer interest and engagement with your brand and business.

Cost-effective training

If you have more than one branch of business, you probably send your managers to different sites to train the recruits. That could take a toll on your managers’ performance, though. With video, your managers won’t have to leave their offices to provide training and assistance. They can share their expertise with your offsite teams from the office. This way, your managers get to do more than spend a lot of their time traveling to and from different sites.

Stream-lined hiring

Hiring new employees are now so much easier for your recruitment team. Video now gives them more material to work with so they won’t just base initial hiring picks on resumes, chats and emails. Video solutions mean they can make faster decisions, accelerating the recruitment timeline.

Think your communication system and strategy need a boost? Take advantage of these benefits by looking for video conferencing solutions.

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