10 Ways To Add Some Luxury To Your Kitchen

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Imagine for a moment what it would be like to walk into a fully-functioning kitchen—where you can whip up anything, from a perfect cup of coffee to an exquisite culinary dish. Now that’s luxury. You’re not making do with the wrong equipment or settling for less than you’d really like to whip up when it comes to a tasty snack or a great meal.

So with a new year just around the corner, here’s a suggestion to write on your list of New Year resolutions: “Add some luxury to my kitchen!”

With that in mind, let’s brainstorm a few ideas:

  1. Brew a better cup of coffee.

Let’s assume you’re something of a coffee aficionado and can tell the difference between good coffee and lousy coffee just by a glance or a sniff.

While you may have a deep knowledge and appreciation for the magical bean and carefully select your coffee, it would certainly help if you had a high-quality machine. Well here’s the good news: commercial espresso machines are also available on a smaller scale for brewing professional grade espresso at home.

  1. Walk on better tile floors.

What’s the first thing you notice when walking into a kitchen?

You notice the floor.

For some strange reason, it sets the ambiance of the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you have a matte-finished counter and gorgeous cherry wood cabinets; if your vinyl floor looks bad, the whole kitchen looks bad.

One reason why you may have ignored the problem of getting new tiles was the expense. Ceramic tiles require precise installation by someone who knows what they’re doing—and, for that reason, it can be expensive. Now with modular flooring, it’s literally a snap to do it yourself. You can choose the type of material you like and work with any size of budget.

  1. Include crown jewels.

Adding crown molding may not seem like an exciting idea; after all, it’s a subtle change, but it can make a huge difference to the look-and-feel of your kitchen. Use it to finish off cabinets to meet the ceiling. Also, consider adding baseboards where the cabinets meet the floor. The cost is small compared to the value it adds to the ambiance of your kitchen. Crown molding will definitely add a touch of luxury to your kitchen!

  1. Add a splash of color.

You may have a fully-functioning kitchen, but it looks tired. One way to bring out the beauty of your kitchen is to paint your cabinets a more refreshing color. Semi-gloss enamel with just the right color can make your kitchen look like you’ve just had an expensive makeover.

  1. Make it easier to wash your hands.

You’ve just finished kneading the dough for your pizza and it’s time to wash your hands. Instead of smearing the kitchen tap with your hands, it would be nice to simply tap on your faucet with your elbow and have warm water flow out. Well, it’s possible with touch-sensitive faucets. These faucets make it easy to clean your hands. They’re also more hygienic because you won’t be touching the handles with food on your palms. These faucets come with manual handles, too, so you can turn the handles when you prefer.

  1. Rethink your kitchen drawers and cabinets.

Most kitchen drawers are arranged in rows. Often you have to do a lot of bending to get to the stuff you need. You may also have to reach deep into your rows of spices. Additionally, you may not be able to fit all the things you need in your cabinets.

Now, special drawer organizers and pull-out cabinets can help you organize your drawers and cabinets in just the way you like, from cookbooks to cans and pots to pans.

  1. Light up your work.

Lights under cabinets make cooking so much easier. You can see what you’re doing with an illuminated workspace. You can read your recipe book that’s lying opened under the counter or you can chop your vegetables on a cutting board without injuring yourself. Under-cabinet lighting is usable and safer. It also looks beautiful because it adds diffuse, ambient lighting to your kitchen.

  1. Get a handle on things.

One way to give your kitchen a fast makeover is to update your cabinet handles and pulls. There are many attractive new designs available that will make your kitchen look modern.

  1. Allow the light to shine.

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen. Good lighting will make a kitchen appear brighter, more airy, more inviting. Conversely, poor lighting can be mildly depressing. The best lighting is from natural light, so consider adding a skylight or getting bigger windows.

  1. Move full steam ahead.

When you think of ovens, you think of them as appliances to bake things. But now you can get steaming ovens, too. Steaming your foods is a healthier way to cook, and it gives you many more choices when it comes to deciding what to make for dinner.

Making your kitchen look more luxurious is about paying attention to the details. By adding a few of these suggested changes, you can make cooking in the kitchen much more enjoyable. Even small renovations like brighter colors or more lighting or better tiles can make a huge difference.


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